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01, 2006

دنيا GPS


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05, 2006


Indian NameModern Translation of MeaningIndications of Favorable Condition
Rasanutrient portion of the bloodgood skin quality, vitality
Raktablood (e.g., blood cells)good coloration of the cheeks, lips, ear lobes, tongue, tip of nose; warm palms and soles
Mamsamuscles and soft tissuesmuscles of chest, arms, and legs are strong; facial muscles yield good expression and eye movements, speech is clear
Medaslipids (fats, membranes)proper moisture of skin, eyes, lips, and hair; normal sweating without bad odor; no excessive accumulation of fat in the area of abdomen, hips, back, and neck
Asthibones, cartilagewell-proportioned body, strong teeth and nails, thick hair; joints are supple and freely mobile
Majjamarrowglowing face, healthy skin, soft voice
Shukravital fluid, semeneyes are bright, teeth are white, skin is soft, voice is pleasant, sexual vitality is strong but controlled

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11, 2006



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15, 2006

عدوية في إنفينيتي

عدوية في إنفينيتي

Index of /دنيا/Adawiaat

Parent Directory -
[1عدوية في إنفينيتي] adawia on infinity1 14-Oct-2006 20:59 23.4M ..٢ك٦..
[2عدوية في إنفينيتي] adawia on infinity2 14-Oct-2006 20:46 53.2M ..٢ك٦..
[3عدوية في إنفينيتي] adawia on infinity3 14-Oct-2006 20:34 28.4M ..٢ك٦..

دنيا Port 80



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16, 2006



[عدويات 2] Index of /دنيا/Adawiaat 2
Parent Directory - [1] 01_يا ليل يا باشا _-_Ya_Leil_Ya_Basha 15-Nov-2006 14:03 21.8M ..٢ك٦.. [2] 02_يا ختى سلمتين_-_Yakhty_Salamten 15-Nov-2006 14:05 19.0M ..٢ك٦.. [4] 03_قلق_-_qalaq 15-Nov-2006 14:06 9.38M ..٢ك٦.. [4] 04_حق حوش_-_ha2 7osh 15-Nov-2006 14:07 12.7M ..٢ك٦.. [5] 05_إلا ده يا عزال _-_Ela_Dah_Ya_3azal 15-Nov-2006 14:10 32.7M ..٢ك٦..
دنيا Port 80

21, 2006

ليبيرية جديدة


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